Students Thesis Projects Supervision

I mentored students for their thesis projects. During the past few months, I had the pleasure to supervise the engineering thesis projects of:

Master in Software and Data Engineering, Software Institute (USI), USI, Lugano, Switzerland

  1. Segilola Ifeoma Mustapha
    • Thesis Title: Web API Evolution Visualization
    • Year: 2021
  2. Alessandro Romanelli
    • Thesis Title: ExpressO
    • Year: 2022
  3. Deepansha Chowdhary
    • Thesis Title: Web API Versioning and Evolution Patterns
    • Year: 2023
  4. Ottavio Buonomo
    • Thesis Title: The Web API Finder
    • Year: 2023

Bachelor in Informatics, USI, Lugano, Switzerland

  1. Erick Garro Elizondo
    • Thesis Title: OAS-2-Tree Visual Studio Code Extension
    • Year: 2022

Teaching Experience

During my PhD position at the Software Institute, University of Lugano, I performed teaching assistance tasks and supervised Bachelor and Master’s students in their projects.

Web Atelier (9 ECTS)

Software Architecture (6 ECTS)

Web Atelier (9 ECTS)

Business Process Modeling (3 ECTS)

Web Atelier (9 ECTS)

Course: Initiating Students into Web Technologies - Express.js, Node.js, EJS, MongoDB

Software Architecture (6 ECTS)